Monday, June 28, 2010

Sea Glass Wedding Rings

A set of wedding  rings for a local couple who are planning an earth friendly wedding in the fall. The bride chose the piece of sea glass, a lovely teal blue from Cape Breton. The groom opted for a wide silver band. The wedding bands will cover the Something old, something new, and something blue , they will just have the cover the something borrowed part, which shouldn't be too hard when a focus of the wedding is minimizing its environmental impact. Here's to happily ever after.


  1. Rita they are GORGEOUS and we cannot wait to wear them!! YAY!!

    You have provided us with a fantastic experience and we have nothing but glowing reviews for this fun process.

    Also- I didn't even THINK about the something old, new, blue aspect of these rings! YES- one less thing to consider. :)

    Many Blessings Rita!! You rock.

  2. These weddings rings are just so fantastic!! So unique!

  3. how beautiful and I love how it incorporates the "something old, something new and something blue" tradition. Nice work!


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