Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Lovelies

Our annual summer pilgrimage to Cape Breton.
Quiet beaches.
Lobster three days in a row...

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Thoughtful Dog Loving Stranger,

Thank you for finding Shyloh's lost dog tags somewhere in downtown Dartmouth last week. Thank you for taking the time to read the tags and notice that they belonged to a well loved dog. Thank you for noting our address and spending your money and time to put them in the mail, addressed to Shyloh. Its the first time she has ever received mail :) She was very impressed.  I wish you had included your name or a return address, so we could thank you properly, but this will have to do.

Rita and Shyloh

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan was absolutely beautiful. Part of New Brunswick, the island is located just off the tip of Maine, and is accessible by an hour and a half ferry ride. The hiking and scenery were stunning, and everyone was so laid back and friendly. Its almost like escaping to another world with a whole different set of rules. We asked the locals for a recommendation for dinner, which they were happy to provide, with the caution that we should call ahead first to make sure they would be open that night. I called, thinking I had reached the wrong number when an elderly lady answered the phone with a drawling "hello" and nothing else. "No dear, sorry, don't think we're going to be opening tonight." I want to live in a word where I decide whether my business will be open or not, depending on my life and whims. But I guess that wouldn't work so well in the city.

We stayed at The Compass Rose Bed and Breakfast, which was lovely. This is their dining room, where we started each morning with  yougurt with fresh blueberries and strawberries, along with eggs, toast made from homemade bread, and local fresh jams. Yum.

And of course we scoured every beach on the island. There is plenty of sea glass, and much of it is quite old, but very little is finished to the point where it is suitable for jewelry. These are some of our best finds. The red piece is from a tail light of a vintage car. The large piece is pinwheel crystal, and although the camera hasn't captured it, it has a faint lavender hue.

Grand Manan photo courtesy of   Grand Manan Island Arts

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nova Scotia Graffiti

Country grafitti?
A well meaning mom who likes to tag?

The picture was taken in Black's Harbour, New Brunswick, this week. We had a great trip to Grand Manan Island, so beautiful, and made some really good sea glass finds, which I'll post in a few days. 

Be a rebel and eat your beans.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Etsy Storque Feature

I was excited to be featured in the etsy storque yesterday as they celebrated Canada Day by visiting earth friendly etsy sellers from across Canada! You can read the article by clicking the pic below:

Thank you to Jen from SewnNatural for putting this together :)
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