Monday, June 28, 2010

Sea Glass Wedding Rings

A set of wedding  rings for a local couple who are planning an earth friendly wedding in the fall. The bride chose the piece of sea glass, a lovely teal blue from Cape Breton. The groom opted for a wide silver band. The wedding bands will cover the Something old, something new, and something blue , they will just have the cover the something borrowed part, which shouldn't be too hard when a focus of the wedding is minimizing its environmental impact. Here's to happily ever after.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Handmade in Canada Party

Happy Canada Day!!!!  The TransCanada Etsy team is hosting the Handmade in Canada Party, which runs from June 24-July 1. TWO great prizes are up for grabs.

First, is a handwoven rug crafted by team member, fiveforty. The rug is fashioned from recycled t-shirts, sent in by team members from all over the country. Simply make any purchase from team members'  shops, and for every $10 spent (excluding shipping) you will earn a ballot for the draw.

The second prize is a very generous goodie bag. To win, find a hidden Canadian symbol in one of my shop listings. In the same listing, you will find a clue leading you to the next shop.

Please visit the team blog for full details on how to win and to see photos of the prizes:

Good luck everyone!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


How do I get through winter? If there was a hibernation option, I would take it. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back on the beaches, warm sun on my skin, hair whipping about my face, icey cold saltwater on my toes.

And sea glass hunting.  Spring is always the best time, gathering the baubles that winter storms have laid bare. My kitchen counter is spread with my favourite finds over the last two weeks. I want to admire them for as long as possible before they are added to the collection or made into jewelry. But I guess its time to clear the counter. Keith was away for work this week, and made the comment that the glass thats there now looks like the same glass that was there when he left, only more of it. Um, well, yeah. But I fed the kids when you were gone. Really, I did.

A few of my favourite pieces. The smallest red piece has the markings characteristic of a tail light from an antique car. The pottery piece with "Nordic blue" on it is patterned on both sides, here's the other side:

Beautiful, isn't it? I will have a good week creating.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I'm working on...

I broke open my jar of sea glass marbles this week.  I'm a little stingy with  my marbles, such a find, but they aren't doing anybody any good sitting in a jar in my studio. So I liberated a few to find new homes in Mermaid Me necklaces. The marble in the pic above is made from clay, and it likely quite old. Its beautifully worn and pitted from the salt water leaching the minerals from the surface.

Aqua Cats Eye Marble

Cobalt Blue Marble Sea Glass Necklace

Monday, June 7, 2010

June showers bring...

 Its been cool and dreary, lots of rain, which is great for growing things but not so great for enjoying them. We finally had a little break from the showers this afternoon, so I headed out with my shears to cut some flowers for the house. Above is some Lady's Mantle on the kitchen table.

Sweet Rocket for the family room.

And some allium for the living room.

I won't show you the 'after' pictures, which I could take in the morning if I didn't have a mess to clean up. Our cat is pretty sure we put out flowers as special salads, just for him. Sometimes he delicately nibbles, and other times, he shreds the flowers, leaving only the stalks. Aren't cats supposed to be carnivores?

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