Monday, January 11, 2010

Buy Craft; Local

A great new project by the Craft Alliance ~ Alliance metiers d'arts
Words to live by from the new buy craft; local site:

This is what happens when you buy craft locally...
1. You Embrace the Unique
You want your home to be a unique reflection of yourself... It makes sense that you buy something handmade,
rich with character and a sense of place.

2. You Nurture Community
We all like to support local businesses and causes. Your craft purchase helps us to build strong relationships
within our community.

3. You Vote for Quality
We support the best quality handmade products that meet our guidelines, for the best in local craft. We stand
behind our local craft products as being safe, well made and well designed.

4. You Keep Dollars in Our Economy
Nearly every cent you spent stays in this community. Our craft producers are from the region — many of whom
use locally sourced materials!

5. You Invest in Local Jobs
You are helping to create jobs in your community and region. The local retailer and craftsperson are often
self-employed entrepreneurs, employing themselves and others, many in small towns and rural communities
throughout the region.

6. You Help the Environment
Buying from a local business conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and

7. You Create More Choice
The nature of being handmade by local craftspeople, in not being mass-produced, are better able to respond to
what you want and like.

8. You Make Dreams Come True
Local craft retailers and supporters are passionate about life and community... so are our craftspeople. More than
anything else, craftspeople want to pursue their dreams of a creative life in their studio and workshop.

9. You Support Local Entrepreneurship
Creativity and resourcefulness are a key to successful creative economies. Small businesses are paramount to
making that happen.

10. You Reinforce Local Destinations
The more memorable and unique we are as a place and people, the more we will attract new neighbors, visitors
and guests to our local retailers and craft studios. This benefits everyone!

When you buy craft locally, great things can happen!
Thank you for your support…
© 2 0 0 9 C R A F T A L L I A N C E

You can register here as a supporter of the buy local movement, and you can download nifty web badges, product hang tags, flyers, bookmarks and other great stuff here

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