Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sea Pottery Happiness

We did Christmas at the Forum on the weekend, which was a great show. We met lots of people, sharing their sea glass stories.  One lovely lady and her daughter studied our sea pottery collection and casually mentioned that she recognized the patterns of some of our floral pieces, and that she had the china at home in her attic! The china belonged to the Victoria General Hospital, back in the day when hospitals served patients on real china and not styrofoam and plastic.  The VG has since been amalgamated into a larger Health Centre.

I was so excited that I rambled on to everyone who stopped by the booth for the rest of the day (sorry people, but thanks for listening). And thank you to the kind lady who rescued the saucers from her attic, you made my day!


  1. That is just amazing!! Lovely earrings as well. :))))

  2. That is a fascinating story! What serendipity that she would see the pattern, recognize it and have it at home to show you!


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