Sunday, November 15, 2009

English Sea Glass

One of the many reasons I love etsy. A lady from England sent  gorgeous  sea glass she had collected over the years to have necklaces made for her daughters. She wanted more than one piece of glass incorporated into the designs, and wanted the necklaces to be fairly substantial as her daughters are tall (lucky daughters).

It was fun playing with the designs and has inspired me to do more multi glass pieces for my shop. As soon as the shows are over. Thats become my new mantra, "When the shows are over". "When the shows are over",  we'll go out. "When the shows are over", I'll give the house a good cleaning. "When the shows are over", I'll be exhausted and sleep for a week.


  1. This jewelry is gorgeous. What a wonderful work of art to incorporate special sea glass for a customer. I am linking your blog to my Seashell one - Seashells by Millhill @ wordpress.

  2. Many thanks, I'm off to check out your blog :)


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