Friday, July 9, 2010

Nova Scotia Graffiti

Country grafitti?
A well meaning mom who likes to tag?

The picture was taken in Black's Harbour, New Brunswick, this week. We had a great trip to Grand Manan Island, so beautiful, and made some really good sea glass finds, which I'll post in a few days. 

Be a rebel and eat your beans.


  1. I love beans... just about any kind of beans. Hubby not so much. He's picky about which beans he will eat. A bean is a bean is a bean is my motto.


  2. I eat beans all the time. My partner cooks up a fantastic vegetarian chilli. He makes it super spicy. yum

    Can't wait to see your new beach glass finds and what you will create with them!

  3. A bean is a bean is a bean :) Ii was hoping for more graffiti as we went through the little village. Maybe a DRINK YOUR MILK, but that was it.


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