Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm a prisoner in my own home. Wait, before you call the police, its self-inflicted. We are in the process of having our roof and front door replaced. No more draft leakiness. I hope. So right now its a big, loud, messy, animals hiding under the furniture because of all the banging, expensive ordeal. But when its all finished, it will be lovely. And because its the way life goes, when Keith was dragging out the Christmas boxes last night, he noticed the hot water tank was leaking. Sigh to everything happening at once. But really we're lucky we caught it before it let go. How's that for positive thinking? I'm trying here :) 

On the brighter side, here is a photo shot off our back deck last week. It was a gorgeous moonrise and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

Way more satisfying than hot water tanks and shingles.


  1. Best of luck with all the repairs.

    Love the moonrise photo. Yes, much nicer than water tanks! :)

  2. Thanks pesky cat. We are now watertight and leakproof. And hopefully will stay that way for awhile :)


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